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Welcome to Big India Farms (BIF). We are a farming company in India, with end to end expertise in farming, including farm land development,  agriculture and supply of agricultural products, like food grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits, buying and selling at the mandi or wholesale market. Big India Farms (BIF) aims to lead the next level of agri development in India using latest technologies and farming methods to produce best possible yields. As part of our long term growth strategy in India we are building a modern food supply chain that will include modern food processing technology and cold storage capabilities.

Individual Investors/Farm Owners can invest in BIF fruit tree plantation project, or buy farm land of good quality land arranged after careful due diligence. We can manage and operate the farm under a specific farming agreement. We have 1100 acres of farm land under management today with 900 acres more in pipeline. Over the next 5 years, we aim to have 2000+ acres of farms under management and we are adding new farm owners. To learn more, please see this file: BIF Fruit Tree Plantation Project 2015

Institutional Investors and Funds can invest in directly in specific high value projects, which can involve farm development of hundreds of acres or value-added projects like dairy, poultry, fishery, vegetables, fruit plantations, cold storages, or biotech projects involving seeds, plants, animal,  or marine biology. The following pdf file describes our farming projects: BIF Projects 2014.

With our learning and land base, we can do a wide range projects:
    o Fruit orchards, teak and bamboo plantations
    o Commercial projects like dairy, poultry, fishery, medicinal plants
    o Cash-crops employing green houses

Given the increasing population in India, and rising per capita incomes in India, we are seeing strong demand for all food supplies in India. With rising per capita income in India, we should expect to see a continous and significant rise in food prices, especially protein foods.

Overall, we have many opportunities with attractive ROIs because few companies in India have taken up organized farming with latest technologies, covering the entire food supply chain while reducing wastage. Equity capital can be supplemented with debt in some cases where we have high confidence of project cash flows.

India has a large amount of farm land that is not farmed effectively with modern farming techniques, which presents us an opportunity to do large scale farming with higher yields, and play a key role in India's food supply chain. Because we have a long term view of farming in India, we always invest in infrastructure related to water harvesting and energy conservation, and education to local communities.

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New Year Offer: Please see this file for details of BIF Fruit Plantation Project 2015